Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If you do my scheduled services will my manufacturer or dealer warranty be intact?
A: Yes, we can do all of your regular maintenance and service, keeping your factory warranty intact. However, the dealer must perform factory warranty and recall work. Only the dealer will complete this work at no expense to you. Automotive Artistry, can perform any other work you may need. It makes sense you use the dealer when they are paying for the work, or it is “free” work.

Q: How often do I need to change my oil?
A: Non-synthetic oil should be changed every 3,000 miles, and synthetic oil every 5,000 miles. A limiting factor is actually the amount of contaminants the oil filter can hold. Even with the best oil in the world, the filter itself will only function until it reaches its capacity to store debris. It is important to know that in-town driving will shorten the life of the oil and cause a faster build up of oil contaminants.

Q: Do you honor extended service contracts?
A: Yes, we will deal with the warranty company on your behalf. Usually all you have to pay is your deductable.

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